Professional Services Staffing  
We have consultants who can assist you in managing your department, responding to a
specific business need or proposal, or can help you develop better strategies and

GAI has experience in commercial and government contracting and pricing for IT
solutions and integration, Data Rights, IP, Services Contracts, Service Contract Act    
OMB Circular A-76, ISO9001, Policy and Procedure development, and more.
In addition to providing short term resources to your business, we also assist in the
selection process to fill your vacancies in a timely manner.  Or, try the applicant out
first in a temp-to-perm arrangement.

We know one size doesn't fit all. That's why we start fresh with your specific
requirement in matching individual candidates every time.

Whether we source candidates from our network of associates, advertising, our
proprietary database, or active recruiting, our ongoing five step process does the work
for you and ensures you get a quality match in a timely fashion.

Phase I    - Initial screening of respondents
Phase II   - Telephone interview and examination of select qualified respondents  
Phase III  - In person interview and technical discussion
Phase IV  - Skills Matching to client job requirements
Phase V   - Reference check prior to placement

Optional - Criminal background check.
Golden & Associates, Inc.
Professional Services    Placement    Consulting
Administration and Management field, but may be able to fill Clerical, Administrative,
and Database functions also.

Basic Job Categories are:

Contract Administrator
Data Entry
Financial Analyst

Each category includes levels I (Jr.), II (MId), II (Sr.), IV (Mgmt.), V (Dir./Exec.)