Are you looking for high quality Contract Management and Administration and
Program support consultants, personnel or temporary staff resources for your
agency, department or business in the Washington, DC metropolitan area?  Are
you behind schedule?  Maybe you're short on expertise or personnel.   We can
help bridge the gap.

Golden & Associates is in business to provide you with the right resources to support and staff
your business, whether you are looking for short or long term temporary, temp-to-perm,
placement, or just need a consultant to help you get through a tough business cycle, proposal
effort, or project.  By working with Golden & Associates you will find that you can:
Fill Urgent needs quickly.
We Specialize

Using our experience and contacts in the field, we specialize in Contract Administrators, Managers
and Directors in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  We know how difficult and time
consuming it can be to recruit, screen, and interview strong candidates while your other "real job"
suffers.  We're always looking for strong people so you don't have to.
Look further into what we offer for both our Clients and Resource Consultants

Whether you are a Hiring Manager, HR recruiter, or someone with skills that you would like to offer
to business, take a look further to see if we have what you are looking for.

Give us a call to find out more.  You may not need us now, but chances are that in a short time
you will.
Save time in your selection process on searching, screening, & initial interviews.
Use our experience to only give you better results.
Golden & Associates, Inc.
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Gain flexibility in your hiring practices by trying out the Resource Consultant
 on a temporary basis before committing to hire.
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