About Our Business

We are a growing small business located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  

Our mission is simple:  Provide valued professional services to industry and government.

Because we are small, local and specialized we can offer rates that others cannot and focus
on you as a client.  We know from experience that when you look to employment agencies,
staffing and placement firms you may find that if you ask for a qualified Contract
Administrator or Manager, you may not get what you asked for.  In fact, you may get an
Attorney or a Receptionist.  If you advertise, you may get a host of respondents who are just
"fishing", and a stack of unqualified applicants.

We know what quality personnel are all about and have the processes to get you the right
people fast.

Past Efforts

GAI places specifically matched knowledgeable and skilled personnel with area firms both
large and small.  We pride ourselves in working closely with customers to determine their
organization's mission driven requirements and provide the key resources to get their job done

Agencies including the FAA and Capitol Police Department have relied on GAI for long and
short term staff augmentation.  Whether for special project or ongoing high quality support,
GAI has been there to provide high quality support to its clients.
 GAI has the background to
work both government and commercial programs.

Consulting is where GAI stand apart from the rest.  Not just a staffing firm or "headhunter"  
GAI's personnel and consultants know contracts, programs and business from cradle to grave.  
Whether building an acquisition strategy, reviewing a RFP, Teaming Agreement, NDA,
Proposal, negotiating the deal or
finalizing a contract or subcontract,  GAI assists clients in
running their business with more confidence.  Clients can count on GAI to fill in the blanks
and give an honest, concise and unbiased opinion.  
When you need a partner to help your
organization with the heavy lifting, or just need a second opinion we can work with you.

About the President

John Golden has experience that can work for you.  He has worked for a wide range of
companies in several different areas of business including Banking, Engineering, Legal
and IT.  He has worked in
customer service, as a billable consultant project manager,
and in various
contract management positions, most recently as the Director of Contracts
Management, North America for Fujitsu, one of the top five IT companies in the world.  He
since spent years directly supported the largest civilian OMB A-76 program for FAA's
Automated Flight Service Stations.

Because he has been in the jobs that count, as a consultant, an administrator, a hiring
manager, and departmental director, he understands the vital importance of the Contract
function to the operation of the business and how difficult and time consuming it can be to
find the right person.  
Golden & Associates, Inc.
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